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With over 27 years of experience in the service industry, coupled with 28 years in the airline industry, Barry‘s motto " A Satisfied Customer Is His Best Reference " remains his focal point. His high level of knowledge and professionalism in the fraternity makes his service exemplary. Also his warm and friendly personality captures every customer that comes in contact with him therefore creating a reputation that is renowned locally, regionally and internationally which is evidenced by his patrons via Trip Advisor and other social mediums.

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Quality Services

Based on his motto stated above, Barry is always focused on providing quality services to fully satisfy his customers.


With over 27 years providing services around the island, he knows it inside out. He can recommend the best restaurants, sites and places to go around the island.


Always on time


Pleasant, approachable and always wearing a smile, Barry will make you feel at home after your very first interaction.

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Romy Sarjant romysarjant@hotmail.com 2019-June-15 5:18 PM

Hello Barry we are coming back to Antigua in September for one month ,and would really like a tour of the island in one day ,for two people what would be the cost please ?

Larry 2019-March-24 2:33 PM

I cannot say enough great things about Barry! He is one of the nicest, friendliest people you will ever meet. My first day, I needed an unusual electrical adapter form my hotel room, and he did everything possible to help me find a place that would carry it. When he had to leave for another appointment, he called another driver and explained the situation to him, and got him to take me from place to place until I found it! Also, I had hurt my foot shortly before going to Antigua, and even though time is money to taxi drivers, every day, he repeatedly waited patiently, as I hobbled over to his van, slowly climbed in and out of his van. He also took me on a great tour of the island, not just driving me, but explaining the country's history and culture in a way that far exceed my expectations. I have been fortunate to visit a lot of places in this world, but I have never found a tour guide better than Barry!

Jay Gregerson 2019-February-06 11:30 AM

We heard about you thru a friend who used your services while in Antigua. We will be arriving in Antigua March 2 and departing March 16. Will will be staying at the Pineapple Beach Club. We were interested to know what the cost would be for your taxi service for picking us up at the airport and returning us on our departing day. Also during our stay we would be interested in one of your island tours. Anxious to hear back from you, Jay & Kathi Gregerson

Sarah 2018-December-01 8:16 PM

We had a wonderful tour of the island with Mr. Barry Oliver as our handicapped-friendly taxi van service and extremely knowledgeable guide. He’s a local and naturally knows everything there is to know about Antigua. In short form, if you’re planning a trip to Antigua, call Barry for the hands-down best personal tour of that lovely place! And don’t miss out on tasting a local treat there, Antigua’s black pineapple. Most delicious pineapple I’ve ever had. Thanks for giving us such a great experience of your homeoand, Barry, and best wishes to you!

Janice Carley 2018-April-19 2:06 PM

We toured Antigua with Barry last week and we really enjoyed ourselves with him. He is full of information about the island and made our day very special. Thanks again Barry, it was a pleasure meeting you!

MaryAnn Williams 2018-March-10 7:23 PM

We hired Barry today for 7 hours to show us the island of Antigua and it’s so jam packed with history, it really is incredible! Barry’s wealth of information regarding the history of Antigua is priceless and we learned so much more then a resort tour could ever possibly offer to us. He’s a very safe and courteous driver and one of the most friendliest gentlemen we have personally ever met. I highly recommend that if you are going to visit the island of Antigua, you must make arrangements to have Barry show you around! It’s guaranteed to be one of the best times you will ever have! Thank you for making our trip even more special Barry! See you again soon I hope, take care!

Mandy Edwards 2018-February-28 2:21 AM

From a worried parents' perspective, whose only daughter was travelling alone from the UK to Antigua in order to start work on a Cruise ship, I can wholly recommend. Barry offered reassurance and empathy to us when we were trying to arrange the trip. He was completely reliable and caring towards our daughter when she landed and went above and beyond his responsibility to her. I am so grateful to you, Barry and to the other people who led us to Barry through their recommendations. Very best wishes to you xx

Bruce Dishongh 2018-January-04 3:03 PM

We recently were in Antigua for a day and hired Barry to show us around the island as a private tour. Barry is a very nice fellow and extremely knowledgeable about his island. We spent around 3.5 hours seeing much of the island and making a few stops off the regular path. Overall, we had a great time and the price for the private tour was about the same as two seats on a crowded tour bus, plus we had the freedom to see what we were interested in and stay at the stops we made as long as we liked. Next time we are back in Antigua we will look forward to seeing Barry again.

Debbie 2017-December-21 8:01 AM

Excellent Service - Informative and Friendly I booked Barry to take 4 of us to Darkwood Beach as a shore excursion. I read the reviews on Tripadvisor, and contacted Barry by email. He was extremely prompt with all his replies, and even though we arrived at the pick up point 15 minutes earlier than expected, Barry was with us within minutes of our arrival. On the journey, he told us about the history of Antigua, which was fascinating. We discussed the recent hurricane and the impact on Antigua and neighbouring islands. I wish we had a "Barry" on all of the islands that we visited, as he was by far the friendliest driver, with a passion for his country! As a UK Travel Agent, I will definitely recommend anyone visiting Antigua to contact Barry to arrange either an island tour, or a beach visit

Carol Appleton 2017-November-30 4:58 AM

Barry is a very courteous and knowledgeable driver. His pricing is fair and competitive. He took us from St John's to Nelson's Dockyard, waited while we looked around and had lunch, then drove us back to our hotel at Siboney Beach. Although we has visited Antigua a number of times, he was still able to tell us things about the island which we had not heard before and made both journeys very interesting.

Benny and Julie Island Tour 2017-October-25 6:37 PM

What a great day we had today with Barry. 6 hours of facts and safe driving as well as visiting numerous places of interest during the tour. 2nd trip booked for Sunday afternoon and evening. Thanks Barry

JC 2016-October-20 2:36 PM

Undeniably the most friendly person you'll ever meet! So knowledgable about the island offering very insightful tours and the best places to get delicious bites. Really enjoyed the time spent in Antigua especially due to the convenience of a private taxi. All I had to do is call, set a time and he was there...right on time waiting for me! Thanks so much for your amazing services Barry!

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